About Skweezebox Accordion Studios
Richard Tyce at the Burnaby Village Museum-sketch by Bahar

Richard Tyce playing at the Burnaby Village Museum, B.C.
- in the Ice Cream Parlour


Sketch by Bahar
Thank you for passing this on Bahar!

About Skweezebox Accordion Studios

Squeezebox Studios began in 2009 when Richard Tyce, accordion player and singer (tenor) for over 30 years, felt that he was ready to pass on his passion for and his knowledge of the accordion.

Richard has always felt that a teacher should be not only be able to impart the knowledge of the subject taught, but be able to demonstrate and embody that subject. Richard is such a teacher.

Not only has Richard played freelance accordion since 1985, he has been playing in his band, the S-Bahn, since 1991.

Recent credits include Richard playing accordion with the Solstice Symphony Orchestra at the River Rock Show Theatre in Richmond, B.C.

Other credits include singing with the Vancouver Opera Company, the Canadian Opera Company in Toronto as well as solo singer with Pacific Opera Victoria. In fact, during his music studies at the University of Toronto and language studies at the University of York, there were times that Richard kept the "wolf away from the door" by playing accordion in restaurants and clubs in Toronto.