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The Mondo Accordion - world's widest accordion!

Richard Tyce of Skweezebox Studios, Vancouver B.C., and Martin Hergt of Tempo Trend Music in Victoria, B.C., partnered to bring you the MONDO ACCORDION - perhaps the largest playing accordion in the world. With a full span of 16 feet, this accordion takes 5 people to play, and both the left and right sides are fully functional. When parading this accordion live, it is mic'd and requires a great deal of co-ordination between the operators so that it actually plays.

With parts from approximately 15 accordions (supplied by Martin Hergt of Tempo Trend), Richard Tyce constructed the MONDO ACCORDION over the course of about 3 weeks in the spring of 2013. Richard and Martin have plans to extend it perhaps as much as another 10 feet!

Since its debut in June 2013, this accordion has entertained onlookers at the Hats Off Day Parade in Burnaby, B.C., the Victoria BC Accordion Festival Parade, and the Leavenworth WA Accordion Celebration

The MONDO ACCORDION has also been part of the S-Bahn show, Richard Tyce's band, and has toured the Pacific Northwest as far south as Mt. Angel, Oregon.

Keep an eye open for the next appearance of the world's widest accordion!

News at Skweezebox Accordion Studios

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